Thursday, September 25, 2014

Homecoming Parade

Last night, we headed to watch the homecoming parade! When I told Mallory that we were going to the parade, she asked if Minnie Mouse was going to be there. Sidebar: I recorded the Disney Christmas parade last year and we still watch it from time to time because she likes to see all the Disney princesses and characters so when she thinks parade, she thinks of that. I had to tell her over and over that Minnie Mouse wasn't going to be there but that the cheerleaders would be so that seemed to perk her up.

I finally was able to get her a shirt this week and Mallory was excited to wear it.

Lyndsey got there to get us a spot on the parade route. We got to sit with our friends and family!

My sweet family

Once the parade was starting, the kids got their seats to watch it!

From the moment it started, they kids were loving it. They waved to everybody and Mallory loved seeing the Stingerettes and all of the homecoming court in their pretty dresses.

We got to see some friends in the parade. We saw Mrs. Melody, our friend Britanie, and Brooke and Rachel that are on the homecoming court

Last but not least, the Yellowjacket came on the fire truck. Mallory repeatedly told me she wanted to see the Yellowjacket but not to touch it :)

And then after it was over, I got these pics of these two adorable kids. The one of her standing behind Liam is one of my favorite pics ever!

We had a lot of fun and we are loving supporting our Yellowjackets this year!


Lyndsey said...

It was such a fun evening! Thanks for inviting is to tag along!! Same time next year???? :)

Kati said...

Those pics are ADORABLE! Glad ya'll got to go...and be handed candy. :>

Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

What a fun evening! I mentioned on IG that I loved the picture of Mallory peeking over Liam's shoulder! Just the cutest!

But the one of Melody and Brooke was so cute too!! Brooke's expression is priceless!

Glad y'all had a fun time!