Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Homecoming Game & Dance 2014

Friday night, we headed to the football stadium for Rockwall's Homecoming game. Mallory and I got our orange on and headed to cheer the Jacket's on.

We will work on getting Brian an orange shirt but black will do! At least it wasn't the blue for his high school that Rockwall was playing.

We were excited to get to watch the game with our family and friends. Mallory couldn't wait to see Katie and the rest of the Ballard family that we love so much! Brooke looked adorable in her outfit! 

Such sweet friends. Jalie told me I was her best "old" friend. Ha! I'll take it!

We had a good time watching the homecoming festivities and seeing all the pretty dresses.

After halftime, Mallory and Katie got to go down on the track with our church's children's minister, Shelley. Shelley wanted me to bring Mallory down to her and I knew Mallory would love it and I was right. She was thrilled! We love Mrs. Shelley!

Katie and Mallory didn't know where to look because there was so much going on!

Mallory loves the cheerleaders & The Stingerettes so she was so excited to get a picture with them.  Abby, the one holding Mallory, was crowned the Homecoming Queen this year! Abby's dad, Russ, loves Mallory and he plays with her every time he sees her. This is a great pic!

Katie and Mallory with the Stingerettes

And then we found our favorite Stingerette, Mrs. Shelley's daughter, Brooke

And another one with Brooke and more Stingerettes

Mallory was smiling big all night long. It was such a wonderful night! And even better, the Jackets won big!

Saturday night, was the Homecoming Dance. This was Caleb's first homecoming dance and we went over to see him before he left. Brian tied Caleb's tie for him and then helped him put it on and get it straight. 

Once he was all dressed and ready to go, we went and took pictures before he left. We all got a turn with the handsome guy

We took Caleb to where he was going to eat with his friends and his date, Savanah. Savanah's mom took these pics I think this picture of them turned out great. I loved Savanah's dress. Cute couple!

And I love this picture of Caleb and Stephanie. So Sweet!

And that brings the Homecoming weekend to an end. So many sweet memories were made. We can't wait until next year!


Josh and Shan said...

Can't wait to come watch Mal in the drill team in a few years! And see her mum ;-)

Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

I love everything about this post!!! You got some great photos this weekend, Girl!! What a fun time!

Lyndsey said...

That is SO fun that Shelley took the girls down to the field! Those pictures will be fun to look back on when it's them in high school!