Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: June 27-29, 2014

I'm back again with another Weekend Wrap-up. I do take pictures during the week but I usually don't get on my computer after work since I'm on it all day sooo here I am again on Monday with weekend pictures :)

This weekend actually starts on Thursday. Grammy asked if Mallory could stay with her on Thursday so I didn't tell her she was going with her because I wanted her to be surprised. I just told her she wasn't going to school that day and when she saw Grammy, she got the biggest smile on her face. Mallory's been saying she's been wanting to go to Chuck E Cheese so I knew she would love that Grammy was taking her there too! Such a fun day they got to spend together!

Thursday was a special day too because my sweet friend, Melody, welcomed her third daughter, Brooke Alice! I cannot wait to meet her!

Friday after work, we headed to RC for their 4th of July celebration. I've been looking forward to it for weeks because I knew Mark Chesnutt would be singing. I'm such a 90's country fan and I know a lot of his songs so I was happy to sing loud and proud with him. I know Brian was a little embarrased but I still sang along anyway. 

We met my Mom and Mallory up there and then a lot more of our friends came later in the evening. It was really a wonderful night with family and friends!

Mallory begged to go down the big slide and I can't stop laughing at her face plant at the end

Mallory loved the bounce house and the nachos she stuffed her face with! Nana also bought her a bubble gun that she and her friends played with all night! So much fun!!

Saturday, Brian and Mallory went and got Cade and went to breakfast. Cade came home with them and was so kind to mow the yard. He's the best helper! His cousin Mallory loves him so much! She had to be outside while he mowed so she could be close by to him.

Saturday evening, we went to dinner with our Sunday School class. Our church offers childcare once a quarter for Sunday School classes and since our class has a lot of babies, we try to always take advantage of the free babysitting. We went to eat at the Harbor with our class and since we had a good amount of time left after dinner before we had to get our kids, we went with The Loflands and The Calhouns to Glorias for dessert. Our dessert was so delicious and the time with friends was the best! 

After we picked up Mallory, we headed to Wal-Mart to get some groceries. It looks like we are slave drivers, making our child push the buggy but she was begging us to push it so we let her

Sunday morning, we headed to church and I had to take a picture of Mallory in her red, white and blue! I subbed for my friend Regan and taught the 7th grade girls. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to working more with the Youth in the Fall!

Brian wasn't feeling well after church so when we got home, Brian went straight to bed and Mallory and I napped, played, painted and watched movies the rest of the day. And we took care of the patient. Mallory gave him a check-up with all of her items in her Doc McStuffins bag - it was so cute!

When Mallory paints, she takes off her clothes and we put the cover on that Nana got her but she took that off halfway through painting. Basically, she doesn't wear clothes if she doesn't have to - ha!

I'm looking forward to this short work week and the long weekend ahead! Have a wonderful week!

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