Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day 2014

What a great day we had yesterday celebrating all the wonderful Father's in our lives!

We actually started celebrating my Dad Saturday night. Melody had to come deliver a cake to Royse City so we met up at Chiloso for Father's Day dinner with Greg, Melody, Kiersi, Kayden, Mom and Dad. 

The girls were really into their coloring when we took this picture.

Sunday morning, Mallory and I couldn't wait for Brian to get up to give him his presents. He wasn't quite as awake as we were when we told him to come to the table to open his presents hence the "just woke up" look.

Mallory picked out a card that had Nemo on it for Brian so she was so excited to give it to him. This little girl loves her Daddy so much! She is his mini me for sure and I love seeing them together! Brian is such a great Father!

I was happy to give him this photo frame because he's told me he doesn't have a lot of newer pictures in his office so I made this collage on Shutterfly and gave it to him. Now he can add it to his office.

After presents and breakfast, we got ready for church and got some great pics of Mallory and her Daddy

Before we could leave, Mallory said she needed to take her picture with Me so I happily obliged

After church, we headed to Pam and Kam's for lunch. Even though it was Father's Day, Kam still cooked and made BBQ and it was so delicious. I ate too much but it was gooooood! Mallory was so happy to see Grammy and Pappy and had so much fun playing outside in the little playhouse in their backyard.

Pappy with the kids and grandkids :)

After lunch and naps, we headed to Nana and Papa's house to celebrate Papa with Kate and Eva.

His granddaughters love him so!

Mallory painted Papa a picture for Father's Day so she was so happy to give it to him.

I was laughing because as we were getting ready to eat dinner, I asked my Mom just how long she's had her crockpot and said since they've been married....that's 38 years. It's still working well! Brian and I are on our 3rd crock pot in 5 years!

I was happy to celebrate my Dad too today! He's the best and I'm so thankful I get to be his daughter!

We had a wonderful day celebrating these special men in our lives!!!

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Brettni Brumfield said...

Love the kissie picture of Brian and Mallory. So sweet!

I don't think they make crockpots like they used to. I've gone through a few myself.

Looks like a great weekend!