Monday, May 5, 2014

Life & Baby Showers

The title to the post says it all. The last couple of weekends, we've been helping shower our sweet friends that are having babies with love and presents! And we have more baby showers coming and it makes me so happy to share in these special moments of their lives! 

So...lately, we've been having fun with this crazy girl

Love that pose! 

Brian has worked hard on building this workbench in the garage. He was so glad when it was finished. He still has a lot of more planned for it but I think it looks great as is!

Now to the showers...last weekend, I helped throw a shower for by best friend growing up, Julie and her baby boy Owen that is coming in June! She wanted popcorn for her shower so that is what she got! I love getting to see Jill and Julie and especially love seeing our daughters play together like we did when we were growing up! So Sweet!

This past Saturday, we celebrated Brian's former roommate, Cory and his wife Rachel and their baby boy! Cory is a big Dallas Mavericks fan so that was the theme for the shower.  Mallory had the best time even though she was confused at first because she hates taking showers - only likes baths - so she did not want to go to a shower :) 

And yesterday, we celebrated my sweet friend Melody and her baby girl Brooke! I'm so sad because I did not get a picture with her! I did get a picture of the cute decorations that Joy and Lyndsey made for the shower. I also took a picture of the cupcakes that I brought because just getting them was a story in itself. I'm just thankful they turned out right and were edible :)

We have another baby shower next weekend and more coming this Summer! I love it!!

This past weekend, it has been so perfect outside in the evenings so we've spent as much time outside as possible before it gets too hot and unbearable. Mallory loves to color so we got our sidewalk chalk and colored our driveway. She got it all over her but we had so much fun! 

And last night, Brian grilled burgers and we enjoyed dinner on our back porch. I loved it!

That's what's been happening lately! Hope you have a wonderful week!

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Brettni Brumfield said...

HA! Love the part about Mallory being confused about the showers!

Glad y'all had a fun weekend!