Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up: January 24-26, 2014

Happy Monday! We had a restful and fun weekend! Friday night, we didn't have any plans so I headed to the store after work and I did most of the laundry and things so I didn't have to do it the rest of the weekend. It's so nice to get a head start on things. While Brian was hanging up his clothes, he put one of his softball shirts on Mallory and she loved her dress! Brian promised Mallory that he would get her a Team Big (his nickname is Big) shirt in her size.

Saturday morning, Mallory slept in until 9am. It was glorious and I'm so thankful because I think we were all needing the extra rest! I needed to run to Target ( I always need to go to Target :) ) so I was getting ready and Mallory found her tutu that she wanted to wear. I let her and she was so excited with her outfit. I just casually said that I'll have to take her picture and she said "outside?" She knows that I like to take her picture on our porch she willingly headed out to take a picture. Loved it!

She knows that if she is good while we are at Target, she will get some popcorn. I was also happy to get an old-fashioned cork board (on-sale, too!) to hang in her play room to put her work she brings home from school and church.

Saturday afternoon, we headed to bowl with Papa and family for Papa's birthday. His birthday was Sunday so we celebrated on Saturday at the bowling alley. It was so much fun to celebrate Papa and we all had a great time!

Truth: I wish I could say the rest of Saturday evening was a lot of fun but after eating, and another quick trip to Target (at a different Target store to see if they had something our Target store didn't), we headed straight home. We had to dole out our first real punishment to Mallory. That afternoon, she just didn't listen to anything Brian and I said, didn't come to us when we told her to and in Target, she took off her shoes after being told not too.  So, after a spanking (yes, we spanked her), she had to sit in her room when we got home and didn't get to play with any of her toys the rest of the night. We all three survived and I know discipline starts early so while it needed to be done, it wasn't easy to hear her cry. And I know this won't be the last time.

Sunday morning, we headed to church. Sunday afternoon, Since it was such a pretty day, we had to take advantage and jump on the trampoline. Tomorrow, the temp will be back in the 30's so we've got to take advantage of the nice weather while we can.

We jumped (and ran in circles) on the trampoline, climbed on her play house and went for a drive. For a couple of minutes, we both laid on the trampoline and looked at the sky. It was a sweet moment for this momma!

And here we are to Monday! Have a wonderful week!

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