Monday, October 14, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

Friday morning, we headed out to the local pumpkin patch for some fun! Brian has always had Columbus Day off and I've given him a hard time for it every year because I always said - who has Columbus Day off? Well now that we work together, I was more than happy to have Columbus Day off - ha! We decided to take Friday off so we could have a nice 4 day weekend. One of things I did want to do was go to the pumpkin patch as a family so I was excited that we were able to go.

This was our first year at this pumpkin patch and I had gotten a Groupon for it which was nice too. I thought that Mallory would have a good time now that she is older and able to enjoy some of the activities they have. It wasn't too crowded either - there was a group of kids from a local elementary school so we got to ride the hayride with them but for the most part, it wasn't busy at all!

They gave you food when you walked in to feed the goats. At first Mallory wasn't too sure about feeding them but after seeing Daddy do it, she decided she would give it a try and she did a great job!

I let Mallory and Brian do the feeding while I took the pictures. I guess we need to take her to a zoo sometime because she did love the animals.

I told Brian to stand by the longhorn so I could take his picture since he's such a big Texas Longhorn fan. He obliged. Good Husband.

The had a lot of pumpkins out and Mallory loved walking around looking at them. She did pick up a few and throw them - ha - I'm not sure why she thought she needed to do that but we put a stop to that quickly.

Next up was the hayride and while we waited for the tractor we played around. 

The hayride did not disappoint. This little girl LOVED it! In preschool they had been learning about animals and things on a farm so she knew what the tractor was and she enjoyed getting to ride behind it. Her smile was so big!

They had some cobwebs up and spiders around so she got to see all the bugs.

Crazy girl!

I tried to get some pictures of her and the pumpkins when we got there but she had no interest but as we were leaving, I promised her food so she got right up there for a minute for me to get a couple of pics :)

After taking some pics, we went to pick up some pumpkins to take home. Mallory couldn't wait to pick one to take home

It really was a fun time with our little family! Mallory takes care of her pumpkins and she loves talking about her pumpkins and the hayride. A fun memory for sure!


Josh and Shan said...

She suddenly looks so grown up! Pretty girl!

Lyndsey said...

She's the cutest pumpkin in the patch! (Sorry I had to) Glad y'all had a fun morning together!

The Killough's said...

These pictures are so cute!! I love the one of her sticking her head through the wooden pumpkin!!