Tuesday, October 8, 2013

More than a Stomach Bug

So here is what happened: Last Monday night, Brian started not feeling well. The stomach bug had been going around so he just assumed that he had gotten it. He didn't got to work Tuesday and Wednesday, he started feeling worse. Wednesday night was a long, hard night and he had a Dr.'s appt on Thursday so he was just trying to make it until then. 

I picked him up Thursday morning to take him to the doctor. He couldn't even drive because he felt so weak. We got to the Dr.'s office and I honestly didn't know if he was going to make it to the examining room. It was freezing cold in the waiting room and Brian was sweating profusely. As soon as the Dr. came in to examine Brian, she said she was sending him to the hospital because she was so afraid he was going to be septic. She could tell he so very dehydrated and his infection level was a 20 - if you have an infection, the number is usually 11 at the most so it was almost double meaning his infection was pretty bad. A nurse pushed him in a wheelchair down from the doctor's office and I brought my car around and we headed to the ER.

As soon as we got there, they started putting 2 bags of fluids in his IV. Just with those 2 bags of fluid, you could see him start feeling better. At first the doctor thought it could be diverticulitis but then she was more concerned about the severe dehydration and it's affect on his kidneys. 

This is as he was getting his first 2 bags of fluids in him. 

Apparently he was very severely dehydrated according to the nurse and doctor. He tried to eat and drink but because of the stomach virus, he wasn't able to keep anything down leading to the dehydration.

I was so happy to see a smile from him after 4 days of seeing him not feeling well.

Fluids, Fluids and more fluids was what was prescribed.

We got to the ER around 12pm on Thursday and Brian got into a room around 7pm. I know Brian was very happy to get off the ER gurney and to get into a more comfortable bed.

The first night, his nurse, Susie, came in with this big shot looking thing and she joked that it was a shot and I think Brian's eyes got very big - ha! She just inserted into his IV so it wasn't bad but we all had a good laugh.

Brian was on a clear liquid diet but he did get a Diet Shasta Twist so he was happy to have something with a little flavor.

He drank that all in one gulp.

While Brian was sleeping in his bed, I got the comfort of the chair that converts into a bed:

It actually wasn't too bad but I did miss my bed.

Friday morning, the Doctor came by and said they wanted to keep Brian overnight for one more night, just make sure his kidney levels were where they needed to be before he went home.

Breakfast of champions: Jello, a melted popsicle and chicken broth. Yummmm.. :/

He had a lot of visitors while I ran to work to finish up some things that I had left after I took him to the ER on Thursday. I went back up Friday afternoon/evening and Brian was thrilled to get to take a shower.

He had to make sure his IV didn't get wet so he got to wear this glove while showering.

I was so happy he was feeling better. We enjoyed our night together even if it was at the hospital. I mean, we will be paying for this trip so why not enjoy the time together? :)

And was our sweet girl missing us while we were away??

No. She was living it up at Nana and Papa's. I'm so thankful that my parents were able to keep Mallory and take care of her for us. We had so many people offering to help with Mallory with too - we are so thankful for that! My parents met me at my house Thurs afternoon so I could give them a bag with Mallory's clothes and things she would need. Mallory was in full tears because she thought she was coming home and leaving Nana and Papa. Ha - I love how much she loves them!

Saturday before lunch, the Doctor came by and said Brian could go home! He had to stay a little while because his potassium levels were low and they wanted to give him some fluids in his IV for that. A little before 5pm, he was officially discharged and on our way!

Packing up to leave

Busting out of the hospital!

Brian was able to rest all day Sunday and he is feeling so much better! Thank you all for your prayers, texts and calls. We are truly blessed with the best family and friends anyone could ask for! I was so thrilled Saturday night to have Brian, Mallory and I all together in our house, in our beds ( really...all in one bed, Mallory decided she wanted to sleep with us ). It was nice for things to get back to normal. I definitely took that for granted. I hated seeing Brian in so much pain but I'm so glad I could be there with him. Our co-workers were so amazing and told us not to worry about a thing.

Brian is on the mend and taking it one day at a time. And drinking lots of water.

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