Friday, October 25, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! The weekend is here! I'm trying to play catch-up on the blog so here goes my Five on Friday:

{ ONE }

We are going through a hard phase in the Estes household. Mallory has always been a good sleeper. We've had a couple of weeks here and there where she would have some hiccups but for the most part, we've been very blessed. A couple of weeks ago, when I would put her to bed, she would start screaming for us and would not got to sleep on her own. We thought maybe she was just starting become scared of the dark so she had two night lights in her room and I even left her lamp on one night but that didn't help. She just wants one of us to be with her to fall asleep. Many people have told us it's a phase and I'm hoping they are right - we will just see how long it lasts!

{ TWO }

Last Saturday, we headed to East Texas to visit all of my family. I was really looking forward to seeing everybody, especially my grandmother. She has had some health issues these past couple of months and thankfully, she is doing so much better! She was thrilled to come to the get-together too so I know it made her heart happy to see all of us there. We all met at my great-grandmother's house which is now my great-uncle's house and ate lunch and caught up with everybody. Mallory was, of course, thrilled to see her cousins! It was a wonderful afternoon!


I am so happy for the cooler weather and I was really happy to get Mallory a pair of black boots and a pair of brown boots. I also saw this adorable dress at Target the other day and had to get it. She loved wearing it to church on Sunday.

{ FOUR }

Tuesday morning, I was getting ready for work and Mallory came in with my heels and then decided to put them on. She called them "rella" shoes so I let her wear them while I finished getting ready. When I told her it was time to get her ready for school, she had one of the biggest meltdowns yet. How dare I ask her to put on different shoes? 10 minutes later, she had stopped crying and she headed to school in shoes her size. 

{ FIVE }

Wednesday night, we went to see Brian play softball. Mallory was happy to watch Daddy and Uncie play...that is until she saw the playground and she just cheered as she slid down the slide 100 times.  I did get this cute pic of my two loves as they walked to the field.

And that's a wrap! Happy Weekend!

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