Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up: August 9-11, 2013

This weekend...

We enjoyed Brian's burgers from the grill Friday night. He always makes the best burgers and I was looking forward to them all week!

Saturday morning, I finished getting Mallory's school supplies. She is starting preschool at her daycare and they had sent out a list of supplies they would need so off to Target I went.

I haven' t been school supply shopping in years so it was weird to be back at it again but it was also so fun! I know Mallory will love being in school!

Saturday afternoon, we went to swim with Auntie, Caleb and Cade


Cade was on Brian's back the whole time - ha! We had so much fun!

Saturday after naps. we headed to Outback Steakhouse to use my birthday gift card. Mallory loved the bread and ate mostly it the whole time. I love going out with my little family

And like I said her mouth is full of bread and she has some in her hand ready for more!

Sunday morning, we headed to church and then the girls from our SS class headed to Luigis to celebrate Lyndsey and baby Liesl!

Props to our friend Ashley on the beautiful diaper cake!

Lyndsey requested pink, ruffles and bows and she got all of those things! It was so much fun to see all of the beautiful pink clothes, blankets, bibs, etc... We had a great time! I love these ladies and we are so excited to see meet the newest Lofland addition.

And yes, I did cut my hair and no, I'm not sure how to fix it - ha! But I love that it's shorter and it feels so much better! 

Sunday evening was low-key and Mallory and I enjoyed popcorn and a movie.

She's into Belle from Beauty and the Beast these days but her heart is still loyal to "rella"

And here we are again to Monday...Here's to a wonderful week friends!


Lyndsey said...

This weekend was SO SO much fun! Thank you for all your preparation with the shower and for spoiling my girl! I can't wait to play dress up! :)

Andrea C. said...

I cut my hair off too and I have NO idea how to fix it either...but it looks like you did a good job!