Friday, April 26, 2013

Trying to Figure it Out

This week has been a whirlwind week for us. It started out by heading to the allergist for another appointment. Ever since the allergy attack that let to the ER last August, we've been trying to figure out what all Mallory is allergic too. She also constantly has a cough and we are trying to figure out if that stems from pollen or something outside or if it is something else.

We picked up Mallory from Grammy's on Monday afternoon and headed to the allergist. We got there a little early so Mallory decided she wanted to drive my new car. 14 more years and she will be behind the wheel - aaahh! Anywho, we met with the Dr. and he believes that her coughing is due to asthma.  Thankfully, Mallory hasn't had any other attacks like the the two she had last year with the welts and swelling so we were just focused on the coughing. He said since she coughs at night, he has a feeling that it is more asthma related than allergy related. So, he prescribed us some medication to use through the nebulizer (who we call Sammy the Seal) to try and see if that helped. We did go ahead and draw blood to see if anything like pollen showed up that as a possible allergy. Hopefully, we will get those results next week!

Brian had to hold Mallory as they drew blood and I had to walk out of the room for the first time because I was about to start crying. Mallory looked at me with these huge tears falling down her face and there was nothing I could do. Of course, I know we are doing this to help her but how do you convey that to an almost 2 year old?? When we got home, I got lots of snuggles.

And all that was just Monday! Tuesday, we got a call from daycare that Mallory was running a fever. Thankfully, my Mom was able to get her and love on her until I could get her after school. When we got home, she played and acted like everything was ok. I was pretty sure that it was just a cold since she didn't act like anything else was bothering her so I stayed home on Wednesday with her.

Brian was out of town Tuesday night, so I let Mallory sleep with me. Really, I wanted her to sleep with me because I didn't want to sleep alone - truth! She woke up Wednesday morning feeling good and we had a great day at home together. She played all day and didn't act like she felt bad at all and didn't run a fever again.

Thursday morning, Brian took her to daycare and then that afternoon, we got a call saying she had a fever of 103 this time - yikes! I got her a Dr.'s appt and we were on our way. Turns out her cold has turned into a sinus infection. I'm just thankful it wasn't strep throat since I knew that had been going around. So, this week has been pretty crazy with Dr. appointments and trying to figure out what causes her cough and now why she had a fever. Even through all this, I'm so thankful for Mallory's health. I know personally so many parents whose children are in the hospital right now with health problems. So here's hoping we can find answers whether it be asthma or allergies, once we find out what is the cause, we can move forward from there!

Finally, last night, we watched Cinderella for the 100th time but it was her pick since she wasn't feeling good and I noticed she would sing at the end of the song Cinderella sings in the beginning of the movie. So, after her bath, I sang it to see if she would finish the song for me and she did:

Pardon my singing voice but I love her sweet voice finishing the song!

Happy Friday friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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Lyndsey said...

I just love, love, love that video! I hope little miss is fever free by Sunday so we can see y'all!