Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Day 2013

Yesterday was a wonderful day! Easter is such an important day as we celebrate our Savior's resurrection. I always look forward to this Sunday! I know that Easter eggs and hunts are affiliated with this holiday and we love that part but we make sure we don't forget what this holiday is all about!

Before we headed to church, we went ahead and gave Mallory her Easter basket and gift.

She loves the stroller at my parent's house so I knew she would like one of her own...and she did!

Last year, Mallory got Cheerios in her eggs, this year it was goldfish.

Just for fun, here is Mallory before church last year on her first Easter and then this morning's picture:

Love her!

After a great church service, we had to get pictures of Mallory and Liam.

Cuties...and again to look back at last year:

That top picture still makes me laugh - poor Liam was not happy and Mallory had just learned to crawl so there was no being still. Look what a difference a year makes!

We tried a couple of times to get a family shot and see if you can tell what's the same in these photos:

Mallory wasn't really interested in taking her photo with us but after church, we headed to Brian's Aunt and Uncle's and we tried again

Finally, she's not crying or trying to get away!

We had to get a picture of the littles while we were there. We couldn't stay too long but I'm so glad we were able to stop by and see everybody!

Pappy and Grammy with their grandkiddos. I love this picture! 

After stopping by Pam and Kam's we headed to my brother and sister-in-law's house

Look at the awesome cake my sister-in-law made. It was so good! Nana and Eva looked great in their pink!

And this picture also sums our day. Kiersi and Kayden had some friends over for Easter and they all got ready to go hunt and Mallory was so excited about it. Not. I love the way Eva is looking at her - she's thinking: stop crying Mallory, get up and let's go hunt eggs!

Cousins having fun hunting eggs

Everybody going through their baskets to see what they got!

I love our family, I love spending time with all of them and most of all, I love Jesus and am so thankful to celebrate Him today! He's Alive!


Callie Nicole said...

Mallory looks adorable in her Easter dress!

Lyndsey said...

Yay! Glad y'all finally got a good family pic and that mallory was cooperating haha! I definitely think the pictures turned out better this year than last even though Liam wouldn't smile. Maybe next year they will actually stand still AND smile?! Dare we wish for an Easter miracle?!?