Friday, April 5, 2013

A Night Away

For Valentine's Day, I told Brian his gift was us going for a night to downtown Dallas at the new Omni hotel. We both had Good Friday off so I knew we could stay Friday night and come back Saturday and enjoy the rest of the Easter weekend. So this past Friday, we headed to downtown Dallas for our overnight stay for our Valentine's Day/Anniversary/Brian's birthday gift :)

We dropped off Mallory at my parent's house.

As you can tell, she is very upset that we are leaving her for the night :) She loves her Papa and Nana very much so she was very happy to be staying with them.

When we got to our hotel room, we looked and saw we had a pretty good view, even with the rain clouds.

Our room had a TV in the bathroom mirror. What Brian's always wanted.

Brian thought he then needed to try on the "one size fits all" robe - ha! I love him!

After getting settled, we went to dinner. Where to? This restaurant called The Owner's Box in the hotel

Yes, a sports themed restaurant - the food was actually really good. I enjoyed it and even more enjoyed the company!

Later that night, we went out just to walk around. Dallas is really pretty at night and the Omni has some great views of it.

These pictures were taken on the Uptown Terrace at the hotel

We walked around the outside of the hotel and then neat thing also about the Omni are the lights on the outside. The NCAA tournament was being held at Cowboys Stadium and all of the media was staying at the Omni so the lights were all about the NCAA tournament.

It's hard to tell on a couple but the top left is the logo of University of Florida, top right is Kansas University, bottom left is Michigan and bottom right is Florida Gulf Coach University. I was pulling for Kansas but unfortunately they lost so there goes my bracket!

Saturday morning, we ordered breakfast in and enjoyed relaxing as long as we could! 

Soon it was time to check out and be on our way! We did do some major shopping (for Mallory mostly) :) but Brian got his new watch he wanted for his birthday so he was very happy!

After a great time, we headed to my aunt's house to see Mallory. I couldn't wait to see her! It was a great night away and one we definitely needed and enjoyed! 


Lyndsey said...

Glad y'all had a fun time together!! And those views are amazing!

katebradley said...

Hahaha, the pic of Brian in the bathrobe is awesome! And I love that you ordered breakfast. The only time I've ever done room service is when we stayed at The Adolphus for our anniversary right before we had Eva. I'd like breakfast in bed served to me every morning :)

Kati said...

So glad ya'll got a night away! Looks so fun. And I hope the robe made it home with you. ;-)

Whitney Weir said...

How fun! Glad you guys could get away. And I never knew a TV in a mirror existed! cool