Monday, March 18, 2013

Holly Lake Ranch

Hi friends! Spring Break has come and gone but it was a great week! We got to do lots of things with friends and family as well as getting much needed rest and relaxation. It was a full, fun week and it started off the Saturday before by us heading down to Holly Lake Ranch to stay the night with our favorite Estes family! They had a cabin there and asked us to come stay Saturday night and we jumped at the chance to be with them! Here was our cabin:

The last time we had all been down here together was almost 5 years ago. Brian and I weren't even married so we had to sleep in separate beds :) Caleb was 8 and Cade was 5  - this was the picture of The Estes' in 2008:

Look at those little boys - time does fly!

Back to this year, we got up early Saturday morning, loaded up Brian's truck and headed that way. It's so crazy how much stuff one child requires. I felt like I packed up her whole room and all her food to take for one night. Brian and I just required one bag each - I guess I over pack for Mallory b/c I just think: you never know what she'll need!

When we arrived we saw Cade riding his scooter around

And of course, Mallory was so thrilled to see Cade (we all know he is her favorite!) and she wanted him to let her ride his scooter. Being the sweet cousin he is, he pushed her around and she loved it.

The triplets

The girls

We unloaded all of our stuff and then headed to the park:

Auntie and Mallory had a good time on all the playground equipment...except for the swing. For some reason, Mallory wasn't happy swinging so I had to take a picture of the fun time!

The boys played basketball but Mallory thought she needed to join in too. I will say that I did join the basketball game and lost at PIG however I did beat Brian in 1 on 1! I haven't lost all of my basketball skills!

We came back to the cabin and Mallory, Auntie and I all napped. While we were napping, the boys went fishing. After Mallory woke up from her nap, we went outside and I let her run around. She loves being outside and gets very sad when she has to come inside. I love that she's an outdoors girl.

We put Mallory in the back of Brian's truck and then cousin Cade joined. I love this picture of them laying together. Jessie joined in the fun too.

Saturday night, we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. Uncie was our chef and my burger was very very good. Note: I have no idea what Cade is doing in the first picture :)

After dinner, Cade wanted to wear his head lamp and go for a night walk. It was a nice night to do it and Mallory liked holding a flash light to lead the way to show Auntie where to push her. And then we had the three boys lagging behind complaining about all of the hills. We will leave them at the cabin next time!

Sunday morning, we all slept late since we lost an hour due to Daylight Savings Time, It was so nice to sleep in! We all got up and while Stephanie and I made breakfast, the boys and Mallory went for a morning ride and found some deer:

I made sausage balls per the Estes' request and Auntie made pancakes. They were fabulous!

Mallory loved her pancake and she also loved helping Uncie load (or unload) the dishwasher. I love this picture of them!

After breakfast, we got ready and then headed outside for more playtime outdoors

After lunch on Sunday, we had to head back home. We were sad to leave but thankful for the time we got go and spend with our family!

Brian, Mallory and I

Caleb, his hair, Uncie, Auntie and Cade

We had so much fun and cannot wait to do it again! Hopefully it won't be 5 years before we get down there again! It was a wonderful beginning to our Spring Break!


Josh and Shan said...

Glad you gave his hair an honorable mention. Whew!

Kati said...

Glad ya'll got to get away for a bit! Love the family pic :)

Karlyn loves being outside too so we'll have to take them to the park together.

The McIntires said...

Oh my goodness, Caleb's hair!!

Lyndsey said...

The picture of Mallory and Cade is just too sweet. She seems to really enjoy the outdoors mama, maybe she'll be joining dad on his hunting trips soon! With a camo bow of course :)