Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up: Dec 14-17, 2012

Friday afternoon, as soon as I got off from work, I rushed to my parent's house to hug my little girl. All day I had been reading the news from Newton, CT and my heart was breaking. My prayers are with everyone affected by this horrific tragedy. I was so thankful I was able to get to Mallory and tell her I love her.

Friday night, we didn't do much and Mallory let me rock her for a little bit. I thanked God for that moment and will treasure these moments as much as I can!

Saturday morning, Brian headed out to finish our Christmas shopping and while Mallory napped, I wrapped.

I was hoping to get as much wrapped as possible because we get out of school this Friday, and then our first Christmas with my side of the family is Sunday, Dec. 23rd! It will be here soon!

After Mallory's nap, Brian and Rob headed to SMU to watch a playoff football game and Mallory and I headed to my parent's church. They were having lots of things for kids to do so we went to see what there was.

Mallory loved coloring her antlers and she helped me with her gingerbread house for about 5 minutes and then she was done. Ha! Her favorite thing was the musical chairs. She wanted to dance to the music each time it played. We didn't stay very long but we had fun while we were there!

When we came back home, I put Mallory to bed and finished wrapping. I only have 2 more presents to wrap and we'll be ready!

Sunday morning, we headed to church. I tried to get a picture of Mallory in her pretty dress before church but you know how much she loves pictures, I got this:

You would think I was the papparazzi!

On our way to church Sunday, I told Brian that this would be the Sunday that we would get called to come get Mallory from the nursery. I thought it would be because she was very whiny Sunday morning. Nope, it was because she got an "ouch" report.

Mallory tripped over a toy and hit her head on another toy. She was fine and they said she didn't cry very long. She was back to playing as soon as they went into the big playroom. The ladies in the church nursery are the best. They felt so bad and I kept telling them it is OK, she's clumsy just like her mother!

Sunday afternoon, I was invited to go to a Winter White Par-tea at my friend Tracey's house. I got to know Tracey when I stayed at home and she has a little boy Max who is the cutest! I'm not really a hot tea drinker but the food that accompained it was wonderful and it was nice to do something new!

Tracey and Alex (bottom right pic) were the hostesses and they had everything decorated so nicely. I'm so glad Lyndsey was there too so we could chat and enjoy our tea and food together! 

There's our weekend wrap-up! Once I make it through this week, it's 2 weeks off! I can do it, I can do it! I hope you have a wonderful week!

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Lyndsey said...

Your tree looks full of Christmas cheer! I hope Mallory can keep her hands to herself for the next few days, ha! The tea was fun, I'm glad we went!