Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Annual Estes Christmas Lights Outing

Last night the two Estes families loaded and headed out to look at Christmas lights. It's one of my favorite Christmas traditions that we do and I look forward to it every year. This year's trip was so much fun. We love being with our favorite Estes' and there was lots of laughter along the way.
Our pilot and co-pilot ready to lead the way

All the passengers ready to see the lights

We kenw it would be a fun ride as Rob and Brian danced and sang to us
This year, Rob and Brian decided to take us on a detour - through different parts of Garland. Mainly all the places they lived growing up. We got a trip down memory lane which isn't bad unless you've heard it 100 times like we all had. But we indulged them and let them re-live their memories.
Next, we went to eat at Taco Beuno and then we had to take another detour to La Madeleine for reasons that will stay within the surburban. Always.
Finally, we were on our way to Highland Park to see some lights. They are always so beautiful and we love to look inside the houses too - you know, we can dream!

Winter Wonderland
As were driving around, we stoped by a park and got out to walk around
The park had some Christmas trees lit up so we took some photos

The Estes Cousins
Love this family!

The three of us
We kept walking and found some bears that were randomly at the park. So, it was time for another photo shoot with the boys

I'm not sure what to say about all these photos but we were laughing so hard and were having the best time!
Mallory hung out in her stroller while all the craziness was going on
After leaving Highland Park, we headed back home to look at some lights closer to home

This pretty thing was so worn out. She had a long day and finally gave it up
Next stop was The Shores. All these homes are in one culdesac.

And for the Grand Finale:

My favorite house every year!
Another year and another great time with family enjoy Christmas traditions! I will have to say this one was a year to remember!

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Lyndsey said...

I love looking at Christmas lights! We used to go to HP but haven't gone in a couple years, but the shores culdesac is a new favorite of mine too! I think we might go tomorrow!