Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sometimes Rest is Best

I knew this past weekend was going to be very busy and actually all of last week, we had something every day of the week. Halfway through the week last week, I started feeling bad: throat hurting, coughing, etc... Knowing that we had so much to do and so many places to be, I pushed through and was not going to let sickness get me down. But by Saturday night, sickness got me. I do think sometimes God allows our bodies to get sick to make us rest. Sunday morning was church and then birthday lunch with family and then dinner with an old friend from Nashville. I missed it all. While I was really sad not to be there, I knew rest is what I needed. Brian took Mallory to church and then to the birthday lunch (thank you Brian!) and I had the whole morning/afternoon to rest. And it was exactly what I needed.
It was hard for me to not go to see my family and friends but I also knew rest was what I needed to do. It's one thing to rest when it's me and Mallory but when you can just have a little break and time to yourself, it really makes a difference. No, this does not mean I do not love my child, I hope you can understand what I mean. I was so excited to see her when she came back Sunday afternoon, but I was also feeling 100% better and sometimes we need to take care of ourselves in order to take care of others. Amen?
I'm trying to learn the balance. I love getting together with family and friends anytime I can but also know there's a time for play and a time for rest. I have so much to learn! :)
And here's a pic to close this out. By Monday morning, I was feeling like a new person and we had to run to Wal-Mart after work to get some necessities to make it through the week. I put Mallory in the big part of the buggy for the first time and she thought it was the best thing ever!
Oh if we could find joy in the little things just like our children!
Hope you are all having a wonderful week! Rest well!

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Lyndsey said...

I'm glad you're feeling better friend!

I totally get what you mean - alone time with a baby and real "alone time" are two very different things!

Mal looks so presh in that pink polka dot coat!