Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday, Friday

Happy Friday Friends! We've made it through another week! Yay - way to go! To celebrate, here is my post of our Christmas dinner and other randomness :)
Last night, our church held a Women's Ministry Christmas Dinner. Our table hostess was the delightful Mrs. Lofland. She brought her fine Christmas tableware and the table looked gorgeous, as you can tell:
Lyndsey borrowed the silver so she gave us very strict insturctions to not throw the silver away.

Ha! We were very mindful and thankfully, none of the silverware was thrown away.

Love these girls! I'm seriously so grateful for the awesome group of ladies that I get to serve with at our church. The dinner was very nice and we heard a great speaker also. It was a great time to fellowship with these ladies and thanks to the dads who watched the kiddos so we could have a nice dinner together!
Onto the randomness:

These have been my friend this week. Earlier this week, I got a cough and my throat was hurting. Thankfully my throat is feeling better but I still have a bad cough. I sound really lovely when I've been hacking for usually 2 minutes straight. Gotta love this season!

On Wednesdays, Mallory stays with Brian's aunt and she sent me this photo of Mallory kissing their dog (Mallory gives open mouth kisses). Most of you know that I like dogs, I just prefer not to have one at my house but I can appreciate Mallory's affection for the animals :) Aunt Pam always tells me that Mallory just sits and talks to Buddy. I guess he's the only one that understand her these days!

And the child is still climbing on everything. She decided to stand up in her rocking chair, so as any good mother would, I took a picture and then told her to get down :)
We have a very busy, fun weekend ahead. We are going to see Santa tonight, celebrating our friend Karlyn's 2nd birthday tomorrow morning, having our Sunday School Christmas party tomorrow night, having a birthday lunch after church on Sunday and I may try and see a friend who is visiting from Nashville Sunday night. I'm a little tired thinking about it but it's all fun stuff so I can't wait! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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