Monday, November 26, 2012

2012 Thanksgiving: Part 2

Thursday afternoon, we headed over to my Aunt's house. When we got there, Brian headed to where the boys were - watching the Cowboys game.
The girls needed to see what was going on
Then it was time to play with their Nana - they all love being with her!
We of course had to go outside to take some pictures of the cousins
Love these two girls so much!

We tried one of them all standing and this was the best we got before they ran away!

But this one of them all sitting turned out so good!

I think this picture of Kiersi & Mallory talking is so cute! And so is the girl sitting next to them!

Aunt Melody and Mallory

Eva just loves her Uncle Brian

My Aunt Janice had a little car there for the kids to ride - I caught Mallory trying to ride it by standing on it :)

Let's go for a ride!

Kiersi with her great-grandmother. So sweet!
After while, we pulled out all the food from lunch to eat for leftovers. I was so full from lunch I couldn't eat anything then but I wish I could have.
It was a great day with our family! We are so blessed and I hope I continue to remember that everyday and not just on this holiday! Thanksgiving 2012, you were so good!

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Lyndsey said...

What a precious picture of all the girls!!

And I love little miss Evil Kenevil on the scooter!