Wednesday, October 24, 2012

After School Playtime & A Gift Idea

Clever blog title right??
I really enjoy Mallory and I's time together after I get done with school. When I go to pick her from Nana and Papa's and Aunt Pam's house, she is reluctant to go home with me because who would want to leave all that fun at their houses?? When I go to pick her up at daycare on Tues/Thurs, she's a little more excited to see me (when I drop her off she runs right to her friends and starts playing) and I'm so excited to see her every afternoon!
Yesterday, we headed over to Lyndsey's house for a play date with friends. I'm so thankful we were able to go and friends were able to come over later because I've really missed my fellow Mommy time and soaked up every minute with my friends.
Look at these cuties!

Tracey became the librarian and I guess Mallory wanted to read her own book

I got to see my favorite little guy, Liam. We both smile the biggest smiles when we see each other!!

After the fun playdate, it was dinner time. Don't you usually run your fingers through your hair when you get done eating??? Needless to say, it was straight to the bath after dinner :)
Finally, I wanted to share a neat Christmas gift idea. You can get a free photo calendar - just pay $5.99 in shipping. I think $6 for a regulary priced $22 calendar is nice.
Someone in our family will be getting one for Christmas :)
For more info, click here

Thank you for reading this blog! Have a great day!


Kati said...

Ooh, fun calendar! Thanks for sharing :)

katebradley said...

I want to make a calendar!!! I wanted to do one last year and Ryan said we should wait until we had photos of her from every month. And in regards to putting food in your hair, I'm pretty sure that's the new styling product for babies. You didn't get the cool mom memo about that? Eva really likes to style her hair with oatmeal, it creates a nice shellac effect.

Lyndsey said...

Yesterday was so fun! I definitely think we should make it a more regular thing!! I can't believe how much the kiddos were able to play on their own while we chatted, it was so nice! And I'm glad we got some snuggle time with each other's babies!! I need some Mallory lovin too!