Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Our Day with Karlyn

Last week, we got to have our friend, Karlyn, stay with us for the day! Mallory was very happy to have her friend over to play with!

I love that Karlyn can say Mallory's name - it's more like "Maworree" and it's so cute! We started the morning by eating our breakfast by watching a little "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse"  

Since it was still cool in the morning, we decided to play on Mallory's new playground equipment that my Cousin graciously gave us.

Karlyn loved it!

She tried to go up the slide but had no success :/

She loved crawling through the tunnel

Where is my child you ask? Oh just pulling up the grass and trying to eat it :)

But she did decide to join Karlyn playing after pulling up the grass

After playing outside, it was time to play inside. They were both sitting in the floor and I started reading them a book but soon they both turned away because I guess something more interesting was on TV - ha!

Love them both!

After playing in the living room, it was time to take all the toys off the shelves and play in Mallory's room. I'm thankful they played well together!

What else is there in this basket??

Lunch time!!

We laid Mallory down for her nap and then it was just Karlyn and me time!

I love this pic even though she isn't looking at the camera - we were having fun!

After a good nap for both of them, it was back to playing. And then, Karlyn's grandmother came and picked her up. I so hope that Karlyn and Mallory grow up and are close friends like her mother and I are! Thanks for coming Karlyn - we look forward to having you over again!

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Kati said...

Thank you SO much for keeping her that day! She had a blast :)