Monday, June 25, 2012

James: Mercy Triumphs

James. A small book in the Bible but with much to say! I took a big step and lead this bible study - my first time to do it and I loved it. I love Beth Moore's bible studies. My favorite one before this one was So Long, Insecurity and when James came out, I knew it was one that I really wanted to do. My former co-worker Betty Ashley was doing this study before I left work and it's all she could talk about. So, when it came time to pick our new study, I knew which one we needed to do.

The book of James is hard hitting truth. He speaks on forbidding favortism, taming the tongue, not judging, etc...all that fun stuff! But it's the truth - I know it's hard for us to hear because we are guilty of doing it and James is telling us not to. The fact that this is all coming from James is neat because while Jesus was alive, he wasn't a believer. His own brother, he didn't believe. But James is one of the few people Jesus appeared to after He had risen from the dead and James got a second chance and he took full advantage of it! Who doesn't love a second chance?

There were 5 different levels of participation with this study. One of them was writing out the book of James (not all at one time, but some verses each day) and I took on this challenge. It was really great to look back at the end and seeing the words written in my own hands.

I hope that if you get the opportunity to do this study, you are able to do it! I hope it will change your life like it did mine. I definitely look at my situations differently.

 Love your neighbor as yourself. Be Merciful. Love Jesus!

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