Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mallory's 12 Month Appt

Mallory's 12 Month Appt was Tuesday. To be honest, I was dreading Mallory's 12 Month Appt. I was looking forward to getting her stats and to see how she was growing but I knew she was going to have get shots. I didn't worry about her when she was itty bitty getting them but I knew she would be harder to hold down and would scream even louder. She's old enough to know she's being hurt but not old enough for me to promise her a trip to McDonalds after she's done to feel better. But she was a trooper and it is now in the past.

Earlier in the day, we met up with our friends Regan and her son, Liam at the Sprinkler Park at Harry Myers. I knew it would take my mind off the afternoon appt. Mallory loved the ducks - I knew her dad would be so proud.

She didn't mind the ducks however she did try many times to pick up the bread we were feeding them and put the bread, covered in mud, in her mouth :)

So Tuesday afternoon, we headed to the Doctor. In the beginning she was in a good mood but since it was right during her nap time, she started getting fussy. Note to self: take her in the morning next time when she is happier. Done!

Mallory now weighs 22.6 lbs (75 %) and is 29 inches tall (50%). Somebody had a growth spurt in the last 3 months. We are now starting to switch from formula to milk. Slowly but surely we will get there. When the Dr. first came in, Mallory was happy as can be but after all the measuring, prodding she turned very fussy to which I told the Dr. that she is either very happy or very fussy. The Dr. said she would pray for me - ummm..should I be scared the Dr. said that?  I might have a little drama queen.

Then came the finger pricking. I held Mallory in my lap and we held her baby doll and the prick began and then the screaming and trying to move out of my lap began. Finally after the baby doll, paci and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on my iPhone, she calmed down and the nurse was able to get enough blood. No, my child does not stay still. After that, I can say the three shots weren't that bad because the nurse did them really fast and I picked her up and were ready to go!

After all that, we deserved a treat so we stopped by Sonic and got some ice cream. It definitley made us both feel better :)

And back to Regan and Liam - they were spending Tuesday together because yesterday, Regan, her husband Shey and Liam welcomed Lucan Jesse Stegall - 8lbs, 10oz.

Lyndsey, her Liam, Mallory and I went to meet Lucan yesterday evening. He's the first of many babies being born in our Sunday School class this year. I'm so glad they are finally arriving after all of this waiting! Yay for babies!


Josh and Shan said...

Baby Lucan is so cute!!

The Killough's said...

Zoey gets her first round of shots next week ={ I'm dreading it!!