Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mallory's First 4th

We had a busy, fun 4th of July weekend! Mallory was dressed in her red, white & blue all weekend long. She was a trooper - we went to many different places and she was good all of the time! On Saturday, we headed down to Flint, TX to see Brian's grandparents and nephews who were already at The Villages.

Rob, Stephanie, Brian, Mallory and I loaded up and headed down Saturday afternoon. We of course had to stop by the DQ on the way down!

Auntie helped me on the way down to cut Mallory's fingernails on her right hand since I couldn't reach it very well. We waited until she was fast asleep to make the cut.

Pop watching his boys play Wahoo! The big boys lost to the young boys :)

Since we were in Flint, I got to see our friends from Hughes Springs that moved to Flint a couple of years ago. Gina played the piano and Shane sang at our wedding. They hand't met Mallory so it was so fun to see them and catch up!

Gina, her daughter Callie and Mallory

When we got to the park, we found our seats and waited until the sun went down for the fireworks to start. They had games like tug-o-war and Egg Toss. Cade really wanted to do the egg toss with his B so we all went to cheer them on.

The teams - Rob & Caleb and B & Cade

Cade was very focused and was so excited everytime he caught the egg

B & Cade did well but dropped the egg right before this throw. Rob and Caleb lasted a long time and had to throw the egg this far. Neither team won but it was a fun time cheering them on!

I love this pic of Mallory & Uncie

Our favorite Estes'

Pop & Margaret with their great-grandchildren

The fireworks show was long and fun. Brian held Mallory close to his chest and covered her ears. She didn't wake up at all!

We got back late Saturday night and had a great time with Pop, Mimi and the Estes's. Sunday morning, we went to church and then that night, went to our Sunday School teacher's house to celebrate the fourth with our friends. I'm grateful to Shannon for taking photos for us while we were there. She got some good shots!

Brian with his blackcats. He got 2,000 of them. A boy and his toys!

Here is Mallory, Liam, Katie & Layla. We decided to line up all of the babies to take a picture. Look at them all in their red, white & blue! We set Mallory and Liam by each other and somehow her arm got around his. I Love It!

On Monday, the 4th, we headed over to my parents to celebrate with my aunts and uncles. We had BBQ, homemade ice cream and played games. It was a fun time!

Mallory with Papa & Nana

Mallory with her Aunt Kate & baby Eva who is coming soon!

Whew! What a long post but I'm so glad I got lots of pics of Mallory in her 4th of July outfits and where we were all weekend! As you can tell in the first photo of the blog, she had a good time as did her parents!


The McIntires said...

She looks so cute in her striped dress and red bow!

Kati said...

Um, that picture of all the babies just made my day! Too cute. Glad ya'll had a great weekend :)

Lyndsey said...

Duh - she put her arm in his because they're practicing their wedding walk :) ha!