Friday, April 22, 2011


33 weeks today! We are slowly but surely getting there! We went to our Dr appt yesterday and thankfully everything with Mallory still looks great. This time she moved a lot for the sonographer however, she kept putting her hand in front of her face so she kept hiding the whole time. I hope she knows she will be getting her picture taken a lot when she comes so we will have to move the hand!

So happy I get to see her every week

Same ol' news with my blood pressure. Our Dr said that next week - 34 weeks is a big milestone for Mallory's development. Once we get to that, she will monitor me a lot more closely to make sure my high BP is not affecting me any worse. She doesn't want to induce early but will if she needs to for my sake. She wants me to go as long as possible but I think she just wanted to make us aware so that we wouldn't be surprised if she did want to go ahead and induce. So far the resting seems to be working so that is great news. I'm hoping to at least go to full term for Mallory's sake and then we will go from there. Maybe a May baby? We will see!

Last week, our sonographer, who has a new sonogram machine was so excited to show us that she could get a 3D pic of Mallory so we said Ok! And below is a pic of our daughter:

That would be her father's nose. And she's got some hair on her head. Another one of God's miracles. It was so neat to see her in this pic. Gotta love technology!

Thank you again for all of your visits, thoughts and prayers! I cannot tell you how much we appreciate it!

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Kati said...

Love you girl! Yay for 33!!!

Mallory is already such a little cutie...I was just telling Ryan how I can't wait to come to Baylor when you have her :-)

We'll pray that she stays put a little longer.