Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nashville Star

Well, my dreams of being a country singer didn't come true while I was in Nashville but I did have a good time while I was there. I was supposed to fly out Wednesday but left on Tuesday to beat the snow and flight delays. We stayed at the Gaylord Opryland and it was gorgeous. Once I was inside, I didn't go outside again for 4 days. It has everything and more!

I was there for our yearly All Access group leader event where all of our group leaders who buy a certain amount of tickets get to come and preview this year's events. It was hard work but I did get to enjoy some of the Gaylord Opryland while I was there.

You could take a boat ride around the whole hotel

The Convention Center was where our event was held

There was also a lot of shopping you could do. Hello Vera Bradley!

I ate here Tuesday night and it was delicious!

They have a fun fountain show every night so we watched it Tuesday night

On Wednesday night, our event officially began it started off by an small, intimate concert with Amy Grant. She was running late because of the snow and when she got there, she just walked up on stage and started playing and singing. It was a great show!

This video is her singing "Better than a Hallelujah" Great song!

This video is for my mom - I remember growing up her signing Amy Grant's "El Shaddai" and it was great to hear her sing it live.

When we did have a little down time, we did take a couple of more pics.

They have a beautiful garden at the Opryland. I didn't get a shot of it during the day but during the night it was all lit up and beautiful.

I had a good time in Nashville but it was great to get home Sunday! No need to fully unpack because I hit the road again Thursday - this time to Denver, CO. Just trying to get all my airline miles in before I can't fly for a while :)

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