Thursday, February 17, 2011

Calcification What?

Calcification - the new word I learned yesterday. I had my regular scheduled Dr.'s appt yesterday and we talked about Mallory's sonogram that was taken 3 weeks ago. Dr. Plank said she was pleased and everything looked good, however, there was a small calcification ( a white spot ) on Mallory's heart. I heard her talking but I think I did blank out for a minute because even though she wasn't worried about it at all, it is still hard to hear there might be something wrong. Also, Brian is in California for work so I was sitting there trying to listen so I could tell him everything - not working so well.

Dr. Plank said she wasn't worried and that she just wanted me to do another sonogram just for precaution. She said she's seen it more these days in sonograms because the technology has gotten so much better and that she believes more people had it, but we never knew about it because the technology wasn't there.

Sooooo...we go back for aonther sonogram in 2 weeks and they will be able to tell more then. It could be nothing, it could be something. Either way, we love our little girl so much and Dr. Plank said everything else looked great and we heard her heartbeat beating loud and proud yesterday.

Thankfully, Brian and I know who is in the ultimate control and we just pray that everything will be fine and we would covet your prayers too. Mallory is loved by so many people and we all can't wait to meet her!

*Overheard while I was in the waiting room, a man and a woman were about to go in the sonogram room to see their baby for the first time. The man was talking to the nurse and said that they hadn't tried long when they got pregnant. And he also said "Yeah, she did a great job." Haha - that made me laugh out loud. Good job lady!*


Kati said...

Everything will be just fine and WONDERFUL with miss Mallory :) Will be praying for you guys!

Becky said...

We had the same type of thing happen with Jorja. There was what they called a "marker" on her heart (something with one of the chambers or something) and while they felt the risk of what they were looking for was low they sent me to a level 2 ultrasound. Turned out whatever it was they were looking for was nothing. I think you are right - the technology these days is just making them more aware of things they didn't know before. However, as a first time mom I can SO relate to not wanting to give into fear and trusting God with your baby but struggling with that in such a big way. I am choosing to believe and will pray that Mallory is perfectly healthy and pray Phil 4:6-7 over you as well. Do not have fear, anxiety or worry but just take it to the Lord and let HIS peace guard your heart and mind!! Let me know if you need anything!!!