Monday, November 8, 2010

Can You Feel It?

The Holidays are fast approaching and I am sooooooooooooooooo excited about this!!! Soon we will be eating all the wonderful Thanksgiving food and giving Thanks for all of our wonderful family and friends!

And then not too long after Thanksgiving, Christmas will be around the corner!!!

I can just hear the music now. I can't wait to decorate our townhome!

Hopefully, I'll be blogging more than once a week soon but I have one Women of Faith event left and then I can enjoy being home. Not much going on except work and when WoF ends, our Revolve Tour begins. No rest for the weary!

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katebradley said...

Hmm, I think those pics are a little too perfect... Where is the older cousin throwing a water bottle at young children? Where is the family fighting over the Russian Rummey cards and wrestling over who gets the last spoon in Spoons? Maybe we could photo shop those memories in. Love you and am excited to spend the holidays with you!!!!!