Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Day in Perspective

So today started out as any other day, getting everything ready to go before I leave for Rochester, NY tomorrow for work. I got home to start packing, turned my computer on to answer some email when it all of a sudden, it died. Not a slow painful death, just died, no life left.

I try, with my limited IT knowledge, to get it to work again and nothing. I called our WoF IT guy and he talked me through some things and still Nothing. So it was determined that were headed back to Plano to get a new computer before I left early in the morning to fly to Rochester. Thankfully, Lionel, one of our IT guys, stayed and helped me get another computer ready to go. I'm so thankful to our WoF IT guys - they are the best! So Brian and I headed back home so I could finish packing and go to bed since I have to get up at 4:00 am to catch my flight in the morning.

Then, as I got out of the truck when we got home, this happened:

Yes, I dropped my phone and the iPhone screen cracked and more that what this picture shows. What an evening. I just signed and tried to figure out what I was going to do and then I thought about the sermon I heard at church Sunday morning. What we have doesn't make what we are. These things are just that, THINGS. They can be fixed and can be replaced. Am I sad it happened? Yes, but am I going to dwell on it and let it ruin my next couple of days, No.

I just wanted to share this experience with you and now me and my broken iPhone screen are off to New York! :)

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Anonymous said...

OH! poor iPhone :'-(