Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Law of Kindness

Yesterday, I went to our church to hear Beth Moore at the simulcast. I have been the last 2 years and have really enjoyed it. I also know that I really needed it - I needed to sit down and listen to what God had to say to me. Lately, I have felt so overwhelmed by work that my priorities have gotten out of order. I've been so consumed by work that I've neglected my quiet time, being a wife to my husband and other things and that all needed to change. I've also let worry take over me and instead of laying it at the feet of Jesus, I've let it overtake all of my feelings. I needed peace and I know where to find it.

I was happy to attend the simulcast with my friends Shannon, Lacey, Meredith and my sis-in-law, Stephanie. From the beginning my heart was open, ready to receive all God had in store. Beth began talking and told us the we were going to learn about Kindness. Our verse for the day was from Proverbs:

"She opens her mouth with wisdom and on her tongue is the law of kindness"
Proverbs 31:26 (NKJV)

Why do we need Kindness today?
  • Exhibit A: Because we live in a mean world
  • Exhibit B: Because she openeth her mouth
I love Exhibit B - because she openeth her mouth. We talk and we as women talk a lot but what are we talking about? Gossipping? Complaining? What comes out of our mouth? A kind-hearted woman gains respect. God has showed us kindness so why don't we? Yes, we do live in a mean world and there are mean people. It's only going to get meaner according to the bible but do we have to be mean back?

Kindness is also a fruit of the Spirit. It's very important we show it to everyone we come in contact with. I need to be more kind to my husband, my family, my friends and to people I don't know but who I come in contact with everyday. Isn't that was Jesus did? Yes - Is it always easy? No, but can we try show kindness more? Yes!

I encourage you to show kindness today, this week and in all you do. I hope to put this into practice in all that I do. I'm thankful for God's Word yesterday and how He spoke through Beth to me. I love her excitement whenever she speaks about God - why aren't we more like that? We get excited over football, basketball games, etc... so why can we not get more excited when we talk about all God has done for us? We are blessed!!!

Thank you for reading this blog - May God Bless You this week!


Kati said...

Thanks for the re-cap Amanda! Since I didn't go this year :( I know I can always be kinder, especially after a long day or week of work. I'm glad we got to catch up today!

Tara Moffatt said...

I'm sad I missed this. I could always use a lesson on being kind.