Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Softball Season

This summer Brian and I played softball with our Sunday School class and we had soooooo much fun! It was fun seeing everybody's competitive side and just growing closer as friends. We are both so thankful to have found a class with brothers and sisters in Christ that we can lean on and pray for each other.

We played in the Rockwall Co-Ed League and had a great season! We ended 9-1 and got 2nd place but were in 1st place for most of the season. Everybody played well and I was so happy to play on this team!

Brian was our pitcher

My swing

Everybody celebrating after winning our game last night

Here we are thanking our coach, Doug, for all he did for us this season!

Shannon, Me & Samantha

Our Team

Our Team with our trophy!

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Josh and Shan said...

My bruise is coming along nicely! Can you give me your address should I need to send you dr bills please? ;-)