Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Weekend

This past weekend was great! There was so much packed into this weekend and we loved every minute of it. I started it by taking off Friday and going to Canton with my mom. I hadn't been in a very long time and it was fun to go with my Mom and look around. I got some new Yellow Box flip-flops and a pretty bling-ring. Thanks Mom!

Saturday, we went to Roanoke to help my brother and sister-in-law, Ryan and Kate move. Well, we watched the movers move and we helped unpack and hang items on the wall. We had a good time and were glad we were able to go and see their new place!

Sunday, we went to see Grown Ups. Brian and I had been wanting to see it so we decided to go 4th of July weekend.

We were the only ones in the theater for a while so we took photos :)

We really liked the movie. Typical Adam Sandler humor but there were some really funny parts. After the movie, we headed over to my parent's house to celebrate the 4th with my family. I was so looking forward to having homeade ice cream that my aunt made! It was heavenly! And...in our family, it's not a get together without games so that's what we did!

My cousins and my Aunt Janice playing Sequence

Mom eating homeade ice cream

Kate and I with our desserts

More game play

Sunday night, Brian, Ryan, Kate and I went to watch the fireworks at Harry Meyers Park. We parked out by the baseball fields and sat in the back of Brian's truck and enjoyed the show. I'm so glad we went. We had a great time!

Ready for the fireworks!

Video of the fireworks at the end of the show - so fun!

After the fireworks show, we headed over to our Sunday School teacher's house - Phil and Sarah Rawley's. We enjoy going to their place and hanging with our friends. First, we stopped by the Fireworks Outlet so Brian could pick up some black cats and so I could get some sparklers :)

Brian holding his black cats - there were 1,000 there and popped them all at once

Everybody watching the fireworks show

I was sooo excited to play with the sparklers

Lizzie and her sparkler

Doug with this sparkler

Katie having fun with hers

Brian holding Addison Bedford - she's a cutie!

Since we were up late Sunday night, I slept in on Monday. We had planned to go see Toy Story 3 so we were off to the Harbor again for movie #2. I had heard so many good things about the movie so I think I was as excited as most of the kids there. It was really good and it made laugh to think I wa 13 when the first one came out. My brother and I used to (and still do sometimes) quote the first move b/c we loved it that much.

It was a great weekend and even though it packed with lots of fun things, we did not forget what we were celebrating - our freedom! We are so thankful for all of the military men and women serving now and who have served so we can enjoy this freedom!

I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July also! God Bless America!

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