Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Travel Break

I remember when it was first brought up that we would not have any events to work in the Summer but have two separate Women of Faith events each weekend in the Fall and our Revolve Tour in the Spring. I got really excited because I have been traveling since 2007 and never had a travel break like this. This meant I would get a break from going here - my home away from home:

But I do have to travel to Florida for a site visit tomorrow and have to stay one night, and I'm really excited about it. Who knew I could miss the chaos of an airport? It's not so much the airport, it's the getting on a plane and being in another part of the country in less than 3 hours. I think just one night will be fine on this trip and will prepare me for the busyness of the Fall when I'm gone a lot.

I have enjoyed being home and being with Brian. He's actually been traveling more this Summer so it's a fair trade. I had a co-worker ask once, "How does your spouse feel about your traveling?" and I said "I guess he's ok with it, he's in Miami right now." :) Brian and I were both traveling for work before we started dating so it's always been a part of our lives. I wonder what it will be like when we don't travel (or have the frequent flier miles) but until then, we will enjoy this time we get to do this. So I'm enjoying this break until it ends in August and I'm back on the road. And no, this is not a work break, we have been busy preparing for our Fall Season!

Now, I have to go find my suitcase...

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