Friday, June 11, 2010

Road Trip

Well not for Brian and I anyway...My parents are getting ready to head out on their vacation. They are driving up the midwest and making stops at some nice places along the way.

Mt Rushmore

They will go up to Mt Rushmore and see more places like Yellowstone National Park on their trip

Yellowstone looks so beautiful

I'll be honest, while road trips don't sound too exciting for me since I am emursed in the world of airline travel and it takes less time to fly from point A to point B than drive, I would like to road trip with my parents again. Looking back, I know that I never really appreciated all the time and effort they took in planning our vacations to Colorado, Missouri, and Washington DC. Dad would have his map all ready to go and the plan in place, with mom in the passenger seat with our snacks and all things to keep us occupied and Greg, Ryan and I in the backseat trying not to get on each other's nerves (or purposely trying to make the other mad, sorry Ryan...haha).

I know I will never forget our road trip to Washington DC that my parents worked so hard for and planned very well. I think back on it and Smile and know those two weeks on the road were really a lot of fun. Do you have a road trip with family and friends that you will never forget???

Here's hoping my parents have a safe and wonderful trip - I can't wait to see their pictures when they get back!

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