Monday, June 21, 2010

The Pool

Since moving to our new place, I have enjoyed something I've never had before - access to a pool whenever I want to go! So I've tried to go as much as possible. Seriously.

The Pool:

I love inviting people to go to the pool with me and we can layout, relax and chat. If you would like to come, just let me know!

I also get to hang out with these boys at the pool:

I would love to have a pool at my house one day but I also do not know all the upkeep that is involved so that may just be a dream. So while I'm dreaming, I wanted to share some pools I've seen that are very nice and if I built my dream house, I would have one of these.

LOVE the Infinity Pool!

Nice and Big

I like something like this because I would like doors that closed in the cold and rain and opened in the warmth.

Just think this is really pretty


Michelle said...

I LOVE living at the pool! I wish our neighborhood had one. We got up to Hotel Belmont when it isn't a billion degrees.

katebradley said...

Welcome to my world of pool loving! If I lived close I would bribe you to lay out with me every day! Your pool is way nicer than ours is currently... hopefully our new apartment complex will be a pool upgrade:) We should have a pool day once we're back from vacataion, even if its after you have to work one day!

Josh and Shan said...

I loved your pool!! Thanks for the invite, I can't wait to come back (cough, hint, cough) ;-)