Thursday, May 20, 2010

Celebrating Dad

Yesterday, we celebrated my Dad with a retirement reception to recognize his 37 years of teaching - 35 of those coaching. It was a great reception and so many people came by to congratulate my Dad on a great career. There were some who wanted to be there but couldn't and wrote sweet letters to him. It was so nice to see what my Dad has meant to so many people. Not only is he an amazing Dad, he is an awesome leader, role model, teacher and I am so blessed to say he is my Father!

I still can't believe he is retiring - I won't know who to cheer for anymore on Friday nights but it will be nice to sit with him in the stands during a football game. Some of my greatest memories growing up are cheering him on at all his games - win or lose - he was always handled everything with dignity and showed the best sportsmanship. Congrats Dad on your Wonderful Career and I look forward to seeing all of many new victories off the field to come!

Gotta love the trophy as the table decoration

Past and present photos of Dad and his coaching days

Everybody looking and laughing at the old photos

They had great food - the chocolate covered strawberries were Amazing!

Some of his gifts :)

Before and After - Coach Walker isn't in the top photo but Coach Owen (in the far right in the photo below) and Dad are :)

My Dad has coached and taught with these two men for many years both in Hughes Springs and Royse City

Dad with some of the past and present RC Coaching Staff

My dad's brother and sister-in-law and my mom's sisters and brother-in-law

Two of my dad's students and very good friends of our family - Carla and Jennifer

This was an article that The Dallas Morning News printed on my Dad and brother Ryan about when Dad was the Defensive Coordinator and Ryan was on Defense - they made it to the State Semi-Finals

The Bradley Family

Dad with his granddaughters, Kayden and Kiersi - they are posing by his RC Jersey that was framed for him and given to him with the 35 for his years of coaching!

So what's he going to do once he's retired? He said he will sleep late now - until 6:45 am. :)


katebradley said...

Thanks for posting this so soon... I really wish I could have been there to celebrate Bruce's career. I love the old photos- what a stud! I also think the article about him and Ryan is so sweet, in a manly kind of way.

Amanda said...

We missed you Kate - Hope you are feeling better! There were many laughs over the old photos :)

Laura Elizabeth said...

So sweet!! Dads are the best.