Friday, April 9, 2010

What's A Girl To Do?

Now that the living room furniture has been found, I am interested in finding new dining room furniture. We still need a Washer & Dryer as well and I know we need that before a dining room table but I would still love to have one when we moved in. I've been looking online and as you can tell by now, I like dark colors - brown and black. I like to add accent colors to them but they are the colors I begin with.

I really like this:

or this:

But due to cost, this may have to do for now:

So I'm trying to decide whether to invest in a nice table now (and spend more money now) that will last a long time or just get a simple breakfast table to hold us over until we have a little bit more money after getting the Washer/Dryer.

Decisions, decisions...My want is to get the nicer dining room table with 6 chairs but my head, financial planning and adult self says to wait. What's a girl to do?


Three Calhouns said...

Have you looked on craigslist? There are always some really pretty tables on there (and some ugly ones too!). That is where we got ours and whenever people come over I always get compliments and it didn't cost an arm & a leg.

katebradley said...

You should also make sure that if you get a 6 seat table it will fit with enough room.... I'm not sure our table is going to work as well in our new apartment. We may have to make it go out into the living room area which won't look as pretty as it does now. And if you ever need a friend for furniture shopping (or garage/ estate sale looking) let me know.

BigHead said...

Babe, you can get whatever you want. Just tell me where to sign.