Sunday, April 4, 2010

1 Year Ago Today

Today is our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary!

It's been a wonderful year full of exciting things!

God has blessed far beyond what we deserve and we are Thankful!

It's been a great year, complete with snow! We love each other and are closer more today than we were one year ago. We've grown and learned a lot this past year and look forward to the many more anniversaries to come!

Most importantly on this day, we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ! We are so thankful for God's love for us and his demonstration of that through his Son, Jesus Christ!


Michelle said...

Happy Anniversay, Amanda!

The McIntires said...

Wow, that was fast! Happy Anniversary!

Molly said...

Happy Happy 1 YEAR! WOW, how time flies. So happy for you and Brian!

(and Happy Easter to you as well)

Kati said...

Happy Anniversary! You made it :)