Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our New Home

Soooo...we are moving! Where to you ask? A Townhouse! We are very excited!

Here we go...Brian and I had been looking for a house to buy and thought that we would find one at least by February. We at least hoped that we would. February came and we realized that there wasn't anything close on the horizon unfortunatley. We had put offers on houses but there were always different circumstances (details I won't bore you with) that came up that kept us from getting one. And they were circumstances that we could not control on our end, it was on the seller's end.

Brian and I realized that as much as we prayed for what we wanted, we also prayed that we would do what God wanted. We knew we needed to move in the Spring so Brian and I were both at peace knowing that God has something else for us and it wasn't a house. We decided we would look at townhouses and apartments this past Saturday. We started by looking at the Townhouse and never made it to the apartments b/c we liked it so much.

The Mansions in Rockwall is a new townhouse community that is going up on 276 and John King Blvd. We are very happy to call it our new home. They have completed some of the townhouses and ours will be completed in May. We will be the first ones to live in our home so we are very excited about that!

Our Townhouse in progress

We will have a stocked pond for fishing. If you are looking for Brian, Rob, Caleb and Cade in the summer, this is where they will be.

Stephanie and I will be at the pool :)

We have learned a lot about these past months about trusting God and knowing His plan is best. When we decided on the townhouse, we just smiled because we knew that this where God wanted us all along. As much as I like to plan, I know God has the best laid plans for us.

Now, time to shop for furniture!


Kati said...

Yay!! So happy for ya'll! We can't wait to help you move in and sure, I'll join you at the pool too ;>

Bradley said...

Congrats! Hope you enjoy! And we'll come hang, Melissa at the pool, and I'll go fish!

Allie said...


kate said...

It's beautiful. I can't wait to come visit & shop for a house warming present so let me know about colors and something that you need or want. but let b know that plasma tv's are out of my price range! :)

love you guys!

so happy for you!!

Anonymous said...

It looks great! Congrats!

Molly said...

SHWEET! That is so great - see he has a plan :)

Lindsey said...

Hey Stranger!
Congrats!! I ran into B at the Dick's parking lot the other day and he told me yall were gonna lease there. Really cool - we'll practically be neighbors. We'll have to do some bowling at Shenaniganz!!