Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Olympic Fun

Brian and I have been watching the Winter Olympics and are loving it. I seriously don't watch skiing, ski jumping, etc... except every four years but it is fun to watch sports that I would never be able to do. I've had to stay up late to catch some of the events but it's worth it - it's only 2 weeks, I will survive.

My new favorite event is Ski Cross - 4 skiers going down a course and honestly, they are trying not to run into each other and crash. I would and could never do it but seeing them wipe out is fun (as long as they are not hurt) and yes, Brian is rubbing off me...who knew I would like this and especially seeing people crash?

This past Saturday morning, I heard Brian scream Yes in the living room and when I asked what he was cheering for - it was b/c the US had won at Curling, yes, curling. I don't get it but he enjoyed it and I'm happy for him and the US of A.

And then there is my favorite - Women's Figure Skating. I stayed up late last night to catch all of the routines. I'll be there Thursday for the final long program. When I was little I would do spins in our living room pretending I was a figure skater and I still love to watch it. Again, it's every 4 years - I rarely catch it if it is ever on any other time.

Most people I talk to either love the Olympics or hate it and are counting down until it's over. I am enjoying this time and I love cheering the US on - even if it is from my couch. Hope you are enjoying it too! Go USA!

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Molly said...

I hear ya on the ski-cross - SO MUCH FUN!