Friday, February 12, 2010

Let It Snow!

LOVED THE SNOW! Thursday was so much fun! Just driving in the snow made me smile because we rarely see snow and this much of it! Brian woke up and looked at the window and told me to look at all the snow. I thought he was kidding because it I didn't think it was supposed to snow until later in the morning but we woke up to this:

Brian getting some of the snow off his truck before he left for work

When I went down our street, Anna Cade, on my way to work, I was in awe of all the white and how beautiful the houses looked. On my way home, thankfully there was no one behind me, I took pictures of the snow on the road and a couple of the big houses with the snow. They were so pretty.

Anna Cade Rd

I waited for Brian to get home before I played in the snow. I did pelt him with a snowball as he was getting out of his truck. Something to welcome him home :)

I had so much fun in the snow!

Brian was going to throw this at me but he knew better :)

Brian made mini of me and one of him

We put the camera on self-timer and we got a good picture...just a little light in the background

I tried to take as many pictures as possible because I wanted to remember all the snow. I know we may not see snow like this again for a long time. I just thanked God all day for the snow and the reminder that his wonderful creation. I hope you had a fun snow day too! I can't wait to see everybody's photos of their snow days :)


Kati said...

You got some really great pics! I have a ton but I need a good one of me and Ryan..enjoy your day off! :> Love those snowmen!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to be sure to say thanks for stopping by my blog. It's snowing here right now too but I know it won't be anything at all like that. I wish though because it's so pretty! :)

Josh and Shan said...

I took tons of pictures too!!! I want to be able to remember all of it!