Friday, January 8, 2010

On The Hunt

Brian and I are on the hunt, for a house that is! We started looking towards the end of last year and are still looking for our first house. We do enjoy the house we live in now and have the best landlords ever but we know we can't stay there forever so it's time to see what there is out there for us.

We are wanting to stay in Rockwall and are not particular to one area. We are looking all around. We actually found a house we like a couple of weeks ago and put an offer on it but another offer was chosen. We were disappointed but were really at peace because we know that means that God something else out there for us and we know He is in control!

So, the hunt continues...if you know of anything, please let us know! We are keeping our eyes out for the "For Sale" sign in yards.


Kati said...

I know God has the PERFECT house out there for you guys! You'll find it soon and know that it was meant to be :)

Allie said...

I thought I had found the perfect house, made an offer it was accepted & I was proceeding toward closing...then some other "issues" came up and the whole deal fell through. I was crushed. But a few months later, I found MY house and it was SO much better than the first one. Are you using a realtor? I would highly suggest that over just calling the agent that has the house listed. They can be such a big help. Good luck!

Lindsey said...

yall can still buy mine if you want!

The McIntires said...

Happy hunting!! Keep us updated!