Monday, December 21, 2009

So This is Christmas...

Sunday after church, we celebrated Christmas with my Mom's side of the family. I'm so happy we are all still close after all these years! We know that everybody will be with their immediate families on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so we try to get together the weekend before so we all headed over to my Aunt Jancie's and celebrated!

There was a time when me, my brothers and my cousins all sat in the floor to open presents and now that goes to my nieces and my cousin's children. It's so fun to watch them open gifts. Nothing like seeing things through a child's eyes.

My Aunt Sherry giving instructions on who will open gifts when

Watching the kids open gifts

Kiersi and Kayden opening their presents with Nana

Mamaw with her great grandchildren

My Aunt Janice, Uncle Paul, Paul's mom - Nonnie, Robert & my cuz Sara Beth

After the kids open gifts, the adults do the gift card exchange. There wasn't too much stealing going on but did have some laughs when some gift cards were stolen. Brian and I got a gift card to Chilis' - woo hoo! 2 for $20 please :)

The last thing we do is we play Bingo. Yes, Bingo! I can't even remember when we started playing it but it's fun and my mom and aunts bring gifts so there are prizes if you win! My family takes this game very seriously. Last year I didn't Bingo once so this year I was determined to win at least one game and I did - on the first game! Brian won twice too! It really is fun and we all look forward to it every year!

Ryan calling out the Bingo numbers

Everybody concentrating hard

One of the Bingo prizes was Finger wasn't just a children's 30 something year old cuz, Chris and 31 year old brother, Greg had the best time playing it :)

The Christmas week has begun. I am wrapping presents today and Christmas shopping is DONE! So excited to see what this week brings! God's blessing are abundant. Thank you God for my family!

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