Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Before I start, it is so fun to say that was is Brian and I's first married Christmas. I loved spending Christmas with my Husband and am so excited to remember our first married Christmas as a White Christmas!

With my family, we have Christmas on Christmas Eve morning. We all spend the night on the Eve of Christmas Eve and wake up early and open presents. I'm so glad we have started doing this because we get to have Christmas with my parents before we all go to our in-laws and have Christmas with them. We have are able to spend a good amount of time with each side of the family.

Brian and I went all the way to my parent's house in Royse City. We had a wonderful dinner and then played games like we always do. Girls Won at Trivial Pursuit! Woo Hoo! However, me and Mom lost at Sequence but we had fun! Christmas Eve morning we woke up and Santa had come. Now that my nieces are able to understand Santa and how fun it is to open presents, it is basically all about them and we love it! It was so fun to see their eyes light up at every present they opened.

Mom and Dad had already gotten Kiersi & Kayden a t-ball set for them to play with so when we got to my parent's we went outside to play. Kayden was more excited about putting the ball on the tee and catching the ball when it was hit. She would set it and run :)

Brian showing Kayden how to hit the ball

Dinner with Nana and Papa

We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and K & K blew out the candles

Greg putting his girls to bed and telling them to sleep well so Santa can come

Santa came!
The girls waking up on Christmas Eve morning ... they both got Leapsters and they were very happy!

Looking at all of their stuff
After K & K saw what Santa had brought, Ryan read the Christmas story

Uncle Ryan and Aunt Kate got K & K barbies and stuff for Barbie's house

We surprised my mom by getting her a Kitchen Aid mixer. She always makes so much wonderful food, it was time she had one. She said "I never thought I would ever have one" It was so fun to surprise her!

Kayden with her shopping cart from Nana and Papa

Brian and I got K & K Disney dress up clothes - the Snow White outfit is my favorite Kiersi had on

Greg, Melody, Kiersi & Kayden Bradley

and the snow came! Ryan, Kate & Cosby Bradley

Brian and I in the snow!

I tried to take in every moment with my family this Christmas. It was so fun to be with my husband, parents, brothers, sister-in-laws and nieces. God had blessed us with so much and we celebrated the birth of his Son and thanked Him for everything in our lives!

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