Monday, November 2, 2009

OKC Road Trip

Well it was a road trip for work but it beat having to go to an airport for one weekend. Our event at Oklahoma City this past weekend went pretty well. There isn't too much to say about OKC b/c I didn't do much except sleep and work. We left to drive back home late afternoon on Saturday and it was a fun time. I do have a good time with my WoF co-workers and below are reasons why.

We put on the music on the way home and sang our little heart outs. We went from Beyonce to Britney to NSYNC to BoyzIIMen to Garth to Bryan Adams to Michael Jackson. Yes, lots of music and lots of fun. Below are two videos taken of my friends singing along. Yes, we did make it home safely :)

"All The Single Ladies"

Gotta sing some Britney (yes, that is a tampon as a microphone)

That's my co-worker Breanna driving and singing loud and proud :)

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