Monday, October 12, 2009

Ft Worth Revolve

Fantastic and Loud! That's my experience in two words of The Revolve Tour! I had a wonderful time this past weekend working in Ft Worth! We have over 6,000 girls come out and from all of the screaming, I assume they had a great time! It was so wonderful to listen to speakers as they talked to the girls about how God loves them for them - no other way. I got to also see some friends I hadn't seen in a while b/c they worked with WoF and now work on the Revolve Tour. All in all it was an awesome weekend and I can't wait until the next Revolve Tour I get to go to!

Our fabulous emcee and my friend, Courtney Clark Cleveland

Had to take a picture of this b/c Team Big was the name of my husband's softball team

Our Revolve Worship Team

Britt Nicole

Getting ready for signing lines, I just had to pose

Nikki, Zach and Ryan - some of the Awesome Revolve Concourse Staff

Girls everywhere!

Shot of the audience behind the stage

My cousin-in-law, Angela, actually volunteered and brought her daughter, Topanga (in the middle) and Lexi. Topanga and Lexi were so excited to get Austin's autograph!

Stellar Kart...and the girls go crazy for them

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