Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Football Weekend part 2

Saturday night was a lot of fun! Our football weekend continued as we went to see SMU play SFA! I was so excited when I saw that SFA was playing SMU b/c I hadn't seen them play since 2003! I graduated from SFA in 2004 and went to support my Lumberjacks. I found my old SFA Football shirt (that thankfully still fit) and we headed out. I was the only one in the group cheering for SFA but I was ok with that. We also went to hopefully see our friend Braden Smith, #14 for SMU, play. He holds the football for the kicker but we didn't see him play QB like we had hoped. Hopefully he will get to play some more soon!

My SFA Lumberjacks missed a Field Goal to win the game but it was a great game! It was a good time with family, friends and football! It capped a great football weekend for us! Axe'em Jacks!

Me & My SFA shirt

Brian and I - this was taken with my phone but I love the pic

Braden stretching - #14

SFA Band

Family - Kennedy, Caleb, Cade & Jensen

Jensen, Cade and Cade's friend acting like they were on Sportscenter - Jensen was the cameraman and Cade was the reporter

...and Deion Sanders was there!

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The Killough's said...

I just love football games! Looks like you had a great weekend of it!