Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I'm bad about just going to the store, putting our groceries in the basket, checking out and then being mad at myself b/c I spent so much at the store. I usually go by the store on my way home from work so I'm just ready to get home, make dinner and then relax.

I decided last weekend that I was going to start cutting coupons and paying much more attention to the prices of everything we buy. Brian and I are picky eaters and I like certain make-up and he likes a certain razor, etc... but we can take a better look at what we purchase.

I started by cutting the coupons out of the Sunday paper - I saved a couple bucks by doing that yesterday when I went to the store. I make my list and don't go off it if at all possible. My co-worker told me about the magazine "All You" and she said it has good coupons so I'm looking into it. Other than that - are there any other ideas that you know of? Any coupon websites or magazines that I'm missing? I appreciate the help!


Josh and Shan said...

I am the coupon cutting queen!!! I get mine from the Sunday Dallas Morning News

Stephanie said...

love this! i want to cut coupons!

Lindsey said...

Costco. I'm in love with Costco. Yeah, you have to buy a membership but it pays for itself over the course of the year. I like to buy frozen foods like shrimp and chicken breast. It lasts a while and is easy to fix for supper. But you do have to pick and choose when to shop there and what to buy since you are buying in bulk. Even though you're saving money over time, it can still be a significant cash outlay. It's not totally appropriate for one or two people in a household, but you just have to be creative.

They have great produce too, and I buy staples of my diet there, like apples and other snacks that are easily portable, which means I can save money on lunch during the week. Be sure and take a jacket if you go to buy produce because they have a huge walk-in cooler from which you retrieve your goods. Also don't go there with wet hair after a post-workout shower. Brrr!

I hear you can also get good deals on travel and stuff with these memberships as well.

stephanie said...

You need to check into the grocerygame.com. I used to do this & save TONS!!!!!!!