Monday, June 22, 2009

Jodi's Baby Shower

My co-worker/great friend at work, Jodi, is having a baby boy! His name is Beau Michael Wilson and will gracing us with his presence in mid-August so it was time to celebrate! We had a baby shower for Beau and Jodi on Saturday in The Colony and had a great time. Congrats to Steve & Jodi and I cannot wait to meet Beau!

The mom-to-be, Jodi!

The baby shower hostesses; Jodi and the hostesses

Our punch bottles; everybody drinking their punch - haha!

Cute decorations and the diaper cake made by Lindsay!

Dee Dee and the best fruit pizza ever!

We played the game where you cut out pictures from baby magazines and piece together what you think Beau will look like. Hopefully he won't look like any of these babies pieced together but she did pick the baby with black curly hair as the winner!

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