Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pam's Birthday Dinner

Last night, I went with Mom and Pam to celebrate Pam's Birthday. We are a little behind since it was April 29th but better late than never! Just a little background, Pam Owen is my bff Julie's mom and I would consider her my 2nd mother. I'm pretty sure Julie considers my mom as her 2nd mother as we were always toether. Growing up, Julie was either at my house or I was at hers - we loved hanging out with each other. It's so fun now that we are grown to see our Mother's friendship still strong and hopefully we will still be close through the years like them.

2007 Birthday Dinner for Pam - the 4 of us!

We went to Ruby Tuesday's to celebrate this year - garden salad bar and cheesecake for dessert. I only had a sliver of the cheesecake but the little bite I had was delicious. Happy Birthday Pam! Love ya

2009 Birthday Dinner - Pam & Mom

Cheesecake - Yummo!

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